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Low Noise BiPAP Breathing Apparatus Double Layer Sound Insulation Structure

Low Noise BiPAP Breathing Apparatus Double Layer Sound Insulation Structure

    • Low Noise BiPAP Breathing Apparatus Double Layer Sound Insulation Structure
  • Low Noise BiPAP Breathing Apparatus Double Layer Sound Insulation Structure

    Product Details:

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    Detailed Product Description
    Instrument Classification: Class II Type: Breathing Apparatus
    Pressure Range: 4-25hPa Or 4-25cmH2O Data Storage: Micro SD Card
    Ramp Time: 0 - 60min Noise: <30dB

    Double Layer Sound Insulation Structure BiPAP Breathing Apparatus Less Than 30dB Working Noise


    Product Description



    Name Top quality cpap/apap/bipap machine home use medical ventilator
    Item ZM15T
    Color Grey
    Pressure Range 4-25hpa or 4-25cmH2O
    Pressure Increment 0.2 cmH2O
    Inhalation/Exhalation Range 4-25 cmH2O
    Inhalation Time 0.5S-29.5S
    Ramp Time 0-60min
    Respiration Rate Yes
    Respiration Frequency Pressure 2-40bpm
    Pressure Release technology Bi-Xlief
    Pressure compensation Yes
    Mask Fit Yes
    Smart Start Yes
    AVAPS Control Yes
    Minute Ventilation Yes
    AHI & Leak Detect Yes

    Mask gas leakage alarm;

    Humidifier gas leakage alarm;

    High pressure alarm;

    High temperature alarm

    Target Tidal Volume 200ml-1500ml
    Data Storage Micro SD card
    Power Supply 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 24VDC
    Noise <30dB
    Weight 1.6kg
    Dimension 270*162*106 mm
    Accessory Humidifier, Air tube, Nasal Mask, Full face mask, Air Filter, Water tank


    What is the difference between CPAP and BIPAP


    Both CPAP and BiPAP are treatments for sleep apnea that use airway pressure to treat pauses in breathing during sleep. Each technology has unique benefits that is used to treat sleep disordered breathing problems. While there are differences between the two, there are also many similarities. Read on to discover CPAP vs BIPAP information that may assist you in finding the best solution.




    A. Quietness and Innovation


    Xlief Dynamic Pressure Release Technology

    Less than 30dB working noise

    Spiral diversion humidifier


    B. Strong Data Management


    Independent data backup, one machine dual card

    Built in 8G SD data backup card, enable one year data recovery at any time


    C. Intelligence and Comfort


    Automatic leak compensation

    Automatic respiratory rate tracking, mask test to monitor the leakage and wear conditions, and maintenance reminder

    0-3500 meters altitude range of automatic pressure correction, can be use normally in any corner of the world

    Monitoring the user's respiratory status, automatically calculate the most appropriate respiratory rate and optimize the treatment frequency


    1. Auto-adjusting pressure for personalized treatment during sleep;


    2. Auto-leak Compensation: users’ movement or the wrong way to wear mask may cause airflow leak during sleep. The pressure will reduce because of airflow leak. This device can auto-detect leak, and make compensation to ensure the pressure;


    3. Auto-altitude compensation: the pressure can be adjusted according to altitude to ensure the pressure of the apap;


    4. Alarm for cutting down the power: the device will give out alarm when the power cut down, it can exclude any danger;


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